Transparency Masking

Transparent Image Masking is a brilliant extension of Photoshop Masking (layer/channel). Transparency Masking ensures smooth elimination or knockout background of those images with gradient transparencies. Transparent masking in Photoshop has unique application on transparent and semi-transparent (translucent) objects like glass, ice, smoke, lightning, highlights, light ceramics, water fine edge jewelry etc. Transparent masking service has a mammoth application in product promotion for a number of catalogue companies, Ad firms, and online stores and so on.

Clipping Path BD will assist you in performing Photoshop Transparent Masking not only by making translucent images into transparent, but removing the background of the transparent images. We have more then 100+ very skilled and experienced designers set to do this job perfectly with low cost and within given timeline. We are capable to deliver 500+ transparent masked images within 24hours.

Our work :

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